Education Minister presents bill for General Law on Education to Speaker

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Education Minister presents bill for General Law on Education to Speaker

On June 24, Minister of Education and Science L.Enkh-Amgalan presented the bill for the General Law on Education to Speaker G.Zandanshatar.

Alongside its corresponding bills, the bill for the General Law on Education was decided to be submitted to the parliament during a Cabinet meeting on January 20, 2021. Eight consulting teams were established for drafting the bill, which consisted of scholars and researchers of various universities and colleges, and scientific organizations.

Based on studies as well as suggestions that have been received, the bill reflects various new changes such as:

• defining various forms of lifelong learning, reflecting compulsory education to be 12 years, 

• renewing the classification of knowledge and skills and transitioning into International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, 

• having English be the main foreign language for developing global citizens, 

• reflecting the matter of quality assessment for all levels of education, 

• properly defining the structure, status, function, and requirements for educational institutions, 

• having funds and financing be more focused on the performance, quality, and results of educational services, 

• and creating an assessment system that evaluates learning progress, skill and knowledge of students to improve the social security of teachers as well as their salaries and bonuses.

With the law’s implementation, favorable conditions will be created to reach the goal of ensuring equal access for every citizen to quality education and strengthening the system of lifelong learning through education as the basis for personal development, family life and country development as stated in ‘Vision-2050’ long-term policy document that was approved by the parliament in 2020.