Digital transformation in education to save MNT 1 billion annually

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Digital transformation in education to save MNT 1 billion annually

An event to launch digital transformation in educational sector was launched on June 11, Friday with Minister of Education and Science L.Enkh-Amgalan, Minister of Finance B.Javkhlan and officials and specialists from the Education Ministry, schools and kindergartens across the country in attendance. 

Digital transformation is being gradually introduced in Mongolia’s educational sector and one of them is the digital transformation on a budget, which is expected to take better control on the expenditure management of the yearly MNT 1.7 trillion budget allocated to the education industry, and improved monitoring on the budget spending for enhancing the educational quality, environment and accessibility. 

Minister of Education Enkh-Amgalan highlighted that around MNT 1 billion is deemed to be saved from annual budget thanks to the e-budgeting activities in the educational sector. “Digital budget transformation will be made in the pre-school and general educational school areas in the first place” added the minister. 

E-budgeting will facilitate and accelerate the budgeting works of the country’s 2,581 educational organizations and institutions under the educational ministry and draft budgets of more than 2,400 schools and kindergartens will become available online at website. 

The digital transformation on educational budget will save MNT 171 million as travel expenses of around 2,400 employees and 125,000 pieces of paper and printing costs, as well as budget drafting and performance reviews will adhere to a single standard and regulatory documents, reports the Education Ministry.